Sunday, October 5, 2014

[Body Cleansing] body hair removal soap

Naturally, human (male and female) has a number of fine hairs on some parts of the body. In biology, the term fur is actually unknown but because human hair belong to the mammal group. However, in our daily lives, fur is a term commonly used. One part of the body is filled with fur leg. For men, this is normal and they are not uncomfortable at all. But for women, the hair on the feet like a curse, reducing the exquisite beauty and not seen. Many women try all sorts of ways to eliminate legs. Starting from the natural way to use technology-based tools. If you are one of the women uncomfortable with the existence of a feather, you should not try to rush your body with chemicals and leg hair removal technology. Therefore, how to remove leg hair is naturally much safer and certainly cheaper. All you need is a little skill to process the material. What? Consider the followin description.

Shaving waxing tweezing

There are various ways to remove the hair legs. But in general there are 3 known natural method is quite popular women practiced. The word "natural" here means free from chemicals. What?


Shaving or shave the first natural way that many people practiced. The tool used is certainly a special razor. Shaving is a method that is cheap, it's just that if it is not done in those days, healthy skin of your stakes. In addition, the hair will grow again in the near future. Another thing that sucks from shaving are pores that become slightly enlarged feet.


How to remove leg hair that is very troublesome because of the tools used is pingset. If your legs just one or two, certainly nothing wrong with using pingset. But what if the bristles meet your feet? We recommend that you try other natural ways only.


Who does not know how to remove leg hair on this one? He is known as the most popular method that crazy woman. Almost all salon providing waxing treatments. Waxing hair removal technique itself is a way of applying it a few feet with a mix of materials on the foot. When dried, the material is then pulled against the direction of hair growth. It is a bit sore, but after a few minutes, you will be free from sores and legs look smooth and beautiful.

Waxing can actually do at home. Therefore, the materials used to remove the hair can be your own work surface. There are at least 4 recipes that you can practice, namely: 

  1. Mix 4 tablespoons of pure honey along with 1 tablespoon lemon juice water. Next, heat the two together in a container with a small fire. Stir constantly until evenly distributed. After warm (make sure not overcook), remove from heat and wait until the smoke disappears. Furthermore, in the warm, and apply the mixture on your legs where hair grows. Wait until dry and then pull in the direction opposite to the direction of your legs grow.
  2. Use egg whites and mix with cornstarch or tapioca as much as 1 teaspoon. Stir until the two ingredients are mixed evenly. Thereafter apply on your hairy legs and wait a while. When the mixture dries, you can pull them out and look at the feathers go with him!
  3. Other recipes are a mixture of pepper powder, refined camphor and a few drops of kerosene. Mix it all up really evenly and then apply on your feet. Wait a few moments and your legs will be off by itself.
  4. Last recipe is a mixture of sugar water with a squeeze of lemon. Prepare as much sugar and 3 tablespoons of water as much as a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of fresh water also. Mix all ingredients and then simmer on low heat until it turns into caramel forms. Lift in a state memelh and wait until it turns warm. Immediately apply on your hairy legs and when it dries, pull the opposite direction to the line of hair growth. 
  How, how to remove leg hair is naturally easy and certainly not cheap? So, before going to the salon, periksalalah your kitchen first. Good luck ya!